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How to Know Realities About Dental Health

How to Know Realities About Dental Health
By Manu Modi

Most of the people are not much aware of the various health related aspects that are really critical. Apart from various health related issues, dental health care is also a critical concern. Many steps are being taken by various health organizations on national and international levels to bring awareness about the various dental health related problems and concerns.

Most of the people are still not aware and still believe in various traditional and old thoughts that are prevalent about the dental care. However, few myths among such traditional thoughts are not true that have been carried forward from generations.

Facts revealed are:

1. The biggest misconception among people is that they should brush their teeth as early as possible once they wake up in the morning. This is not true as dentists suggest to at least brushing twice in a day to maintain the gums and teeth in a healthy state. It also recommended to brush after dinner for 2 to 3 minutes to have shiny white teeth.

2. Most of the people still believe in that age old practice of cleaning teeth with tooth powders and with their fingers. However, this is not true as tooth powders are found to contain highly abrasive materials that normally exhaust the tooth structure and makes them rough and weary. Cleaning teeth with fingers is one of the biggest disaster people do to their teeth as it gives an incomplete cleaning. It will leave the food particles hidden in various corners and thus decaying the teeth and gums. Dentists recommend the use of soft toothbrushes as harder ones are injurious to the gums.

3. It is usually recommended to get ones teeth cleaned by a dentist at least twice a year. It is usually a misconception in the minds of most people that scaling and other cleaning procedure would make their teeth go weak and one might even lose them after such techniques. This is actually not the case but scaling and cleaning is just a technical way involving ultrasonic and hand cleaning procedure of removing the various kinds of deposits in the gums and teeth. They help in removing that matter which is usually not removed effortlessly by normal brushing and can lead to the formation of plaques, calculus and other deposits thus rendering the teeth weak and make them fall sooner.

4. As most of the people have less time and more of work, they still believe that taking any dental treatment is wastage of time as they take long and are painful. This is another thought that still prevails due to lack of awareness among people. Due to the recent advancements in dental sector, the long procedures have been reduced to 1- 2 sittings and that too in case of some major dental surgeries else most of the dental treatments are winded up in one session alone. People who are scared of painful treatments must not be terrified as anesthesia and modes of anesthetizing the patient have become even more advanced.

5. It is also another belief that the extraction is a better alternative as compared to the treatment to be taken. However, it is recommended and well known fact that original teeth can never be replaced by artificial ones. So, it is better to get the teeth treated rather than replacing or extracting them.

6. Another big misconception among people is that removing the upper molars would lead to a weak vision as there is no link between the two.

Understand the simple facts and consult an expert dentist for any treatment or extraction which shall work for good health.

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